Lettra, Ballycroy in Co. Mayo

Lettra, situated mostly on slopping lands from which it gets its name, is near the centre of the parish and adjacent to the main road.

It contains 2,982 acres and at time of valuation had four occupied houses- their names being as follows: David Godley, Rev. John Constable, Brian Henery and Phelim Henery, In addition, land was owned by Neil Conway and John McManamon and George Clive, the latter being the largest land owner, while Rev. John Constable had a house valued at £4.00.

Much of the land was divided in the early part of this century and new tenants moved in especially from nearby Tallagh.

In this valley there is a Megalithic Tomb comprised of a circle of stones, about 29 steps in diameter which appears to have been rampart or some form of protection. In the centre of this circle is a stone 5 inches of which is visible with a ruddy shaped cross in its centre. West of this slab are the remains of a circular building with a narrow entrance passage to the East, nearby are the remains of a collapsed Cromlech.

It is possible that is was an ancient fort held by the Damnonii or Gramhranaide Iorrais (mentioned earlier), according to a Glanmassin manuscript. There is no record that it was ever christened but the cross is unlike other Christian crosses.

written by Martin Costello, NT