Proud of Our Proud Team

Experience the living Mayo, because Mayo is always on the move !


Come on guys we are there this time!

This Mayo team is in the position to win the final; it has the mental and physical strength to beat Dublin, although the Dubs are one of the best teams in the GAA.

Our guys are ready to take their All-Ireland title performing an epic match to remember for a life long.

Against Kerry, they proved to be able to keep the ball, be patient in possession, comfortable on the ball and strong to hold off tackles. All these qualities will be the main keys to win the match.

This time Mayo won’t make any mistakes, they will be utterly perfect in their attacking and defensive game.

Mayo people are so proud of this proud team and will be side by side and heart to heart on Sunday afternoon at Croke Park.

Castlebar will offer ticketless fans to join in the big match atmosphere installing a 24-metre wide screen to show the All-Ireland final Hoban's car park, off Main Street.

So shoulders to shoulders and heart to heart, all together, never give up and bring Sam home!

Maigh Eo Abú!