RoolaBoola Children's Arts Festival

Experience the living Mayo, because Mayo is always on the move !


October 2017

RoolaBoola is one of the leading children’s arts festivals in Ireland. This amusing event takes place annually in Castlebar at the Linehall Arts Centre. This year the event runs from Friday 13th October to Monday 30th October in various venues.

The celebrations include a selection of the highest calibre national and international children's theatre, music and dance shows as well as other arts events, including children’s book readings, films, exhibitions, street performances and a multitude of hands-on arts workshops for children aged 2 to 14 years and their families. 

The 2017 magical experience includes:

  • “The Shape of Things” an interactive story through puppetry, object theatre, music and sound.

  • ”Imagination Playground” with Bricí Spraoi , a creative experience with light weight foam blocks of various shapes.

  • ”Parent and Toddler Music workshop” with musicians Deirdre Lynn Rodgers & Marcella Bourke, a multi-sensory musical experience for both toddler and parent.

  • “We Come from Far, Far Away”, with NIE, a live music, storytelling, clowning, comedy and shadow puppetry.

  • “They Called Her Vivaldi”, with Theatre Lovett Family, an upbeat comedy-adventure.

  • “Sound Corner”(5-7yrs) with musicians Deirdre Lynn Rodgers and Marcella Bourke, a magical journey, introducing children to playful and creative music.

  • ”Spooktacular Drama Boo Rama” drama workshops (6-8yrs) with actor Niamh McGrath; that’s Halloween with goblins, ghosts, wizards, witches and even Frankenstein.

  • “The Big Draw”(8-12yrs) with artist John Brady Draw, an exciting painting workshop with black paint and sponges.

  • ”Costume Drawing” (6-8yrs) and (9-12yrs) with costume designer Jeni Roddy.

  • “What Does Red Do on Thursday?” with Thalias Kompagnons, a colourful story in seven parts for children from the age of four and a live painting performance to music by Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy.

  • “Enchanted”, movie, an animated fairy tale and live-action comedy.

  • “Fighting Words Creative Writing Workshop” with Laura Killeen Campbell, how to write an original story.

  • “Kubo and the Two Strings”, movie.