Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival

Experience the living Mayo, because Mayo is always on the move !


June 2017

The Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival will take place from Friday 9th June to Sunday 11th June 2017 in the newly rebuilt Town Hall Theatre and the amazing Holy Trinity Church, as well as in other charming venues.

The event will offer the most impressive program to date. All the bluegrass and folk lovers will find good music in bars and streets all over this week-end.

Music will range from traditional bluegrass, old-timey to just plain old ‘folk’.

There will be many bands and artists from the US, the UK, Europe and Ireland including the Clew Bay Folk Club, The Vanguards, Carboard Box, Jaywalkers, Evan Lyons, Greenshine, Fox & Branch, The Rye River Band, Corner Boy, The Rocky Top String Band, Jock Tyldesley and Vera van Heeringen, The Original Five, The Horsenecks, Padraig Jack, The Clew Bay Critters, The Old Yellers and Nettles & Ivy.

Many workshops and informal sessions will be organised and people of the public are welcome to join in and play with the artists and groups. This year some local instrument makers will be showcasing their craft.