Festivals in County Mayo in the West of Ireland

Festivals are a very important component of the tourism industry in Ireland and the people of County Mayo know how to celebrate. Festivals are often an annual meeting point for visitors and locals throughout the island of Ireland.

Mayo boasts many festivals and cultural events, all of which are great tourist attractions, particularly during the summer months. Many of these festivals are excellent opportunities to showcase culture, people and places in urban and rural areas. They include traditional music and song festivals, street festivals, sea-angling festivals, sailing festivals and poetry/writing festivals, but also food and children's festivals.

Festivals in Mayo greatly enhance the overall visitor experience of the county and are additional attractions to the normal activities on offer in an area.

Every week during the summer months you will find festivals in Mayo. Practically every town and village holds one so you should be able to find one that interests you. Only a few of the numerous Mayo Festivals are mentioned here.

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MAY 2018
Heinrich Böll Memorial Weekend

The Heinrich Böll Memorial Weekend will take place from Friday 4th May to Monday 7th May 2018.

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APRIL 2018
Celtic Camino Festival

The first Celtic Camino Festival will take place from Friday 13th April to Sunday 15th April in Westport.

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MARCH 2018
St Patrick’s Day Parades

On St Patrick’s Day in Mayo each town and village hold their own parades.

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MARCH 2018
Traditional Culture Festival

The 2018 Traditional Culture Festival takes place from Thursday 1st to Saturday 17th March.

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MARCH 2018
Claremorris Drama Festival

The 2018 Claremorris Drama Festival will take place from Thursday 15th March to Saturday 24th March.

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