Yawl Sailing Festival

Yawl Racing Calendar 2018

Date&Time Event Presentation&Venue
Saturday 30th June,7pm & 8pm Carney Family Yawl Race-Seamus Patten Memorial Cup Óstán Oileán Acla, Achill Sound
Saturday 7th July,1.30pm Achill Sound Hotel Cup Óstán Ghob A’Choire, Achill Sound
Sunday 15th July,1.30pm, 2.30pm & 3.30pm Mulranny Park Hotel Cup, Pat Kenny Memorial Yawl Race & Old Mulranny Regatta Cup Mulranny Park Hotel
Saturday 21st July, 2.00pm Michael McLoughlin Memorial Race Óstán Oileán Acla, Achill Sound
Sunday 22nd July, 3.00pm Bernard Masteron Memorial Cup The Way Inn, Tonragee
Saturday 28th July, 6.30pm Patten’s Bar Yawl Race Patten’s Bar, Dereens
Sunday 29th July, 7.00pm Johnny Patten Memorial Cup Patten’s Bar, Dereens
Sunday 5th August, 3.00pm Michael J. O’Malley Memorial Cup Innishbiggle Island
Monday 6th August, 1.00pm John F. Patten Memorial Cup Compass Bar, Curraun
Tuesday 7th August, 3.00pm The Commentator’s Cup Patten’s Bar, Dereens
Wednesday 8th August, 4.30pm Alice Sweeney Memorial Cup Óstán Oileán Acla, Achill Sound
Thursday 9th August, 4.30pm Sean The Shore Memorial Cup McLoughlin’s Bar, Achill Sound
Friday 10th August, 5.00pm John Eneas McNulty Memorial Cup Óstán Oileán Acla, Achill Sound
Saturday 11th August, 6.30pm John Corrigan Memorial Cup McLoughlin’s Bar, Achill Sound
Sunday 12th August, 7.00pm Patrick McLoughlin Memorial Cup McLoughlin’s Bar, Achill Sound
Saturday 18th August, 3.00pm Achill Beg Festival Yawl Race Achill Beg
Saturday 25th August, 6.00pm All Girls Yawl Race McLoughlin’s Bar, Achill Sound
Sunday 26th August, 6.00pm Dominic Kelly Family Butcher’s Race Óstán Oileán Acla, Achill Sound

Yawl All Date To Be Confirmed

The above events are subject to weather conditions.

Further information contact: Dr. Jerry Cowley

Tel. 087 2249691 - Email. drjerrycowley@gmail.com

Ta Cumann Badoiri Acla ag iarraidh cultuir agus traidisiuin seoltoireachta an yawl a chosaint agus a leanu amach. Beidh beim dha chur ar labhairt na Gaeilge insna h-imeachtai seo.

Le cupla bliain anuas ta uimhir na mbad ardai o 3 go 13. 'Se an cuspoir ata againn cur leis an bfas iontach seo. Tuigeann Cumann Badoiri Acla an tabhacht ata leis an chultuir agus an teanga a chaomhnu. Beidh imeachtai na Feile dha reachtail tre mhean na Gaeilge. Baineann na sluaite a bhionn i lathair ag na rasai an-tsasamh as an sport arsa seo, as an scil iontach a bhaineann le gabhail na Yawlta agus an choimhlint ghear a bhionn ann le ceann scribe a bhaint amach.

Cumann Badoiri Acla are engaged in an ongoing campaign to foster and promote traditional yawl sailing through the medium of our native tongue.

We have seen the population of yawls rise from 3 just a few years ago to 13 this year. We intend to build on this great yawl revival. Cumann Badoiri Acla have identified a number of objectives including the holding of an annual yawl racing festival through the medium of Irish. We know of no more exciting sport than yawl racing and we know that everyone will enjoy the spectacle of so many fine boats battling it out to be first to the finishing line.

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