In Humbert's Footsteps

In Humbert's Footsteps was a national winner of "the Gathering of the Year Event" in 2013. It was a spectacular battle re-enactment that took place on the streets of Ballina.

Friday night began with a torchlight arrival of the French into town by "The Road of the Straw" (in Irish Bòthar na Sop), just as they did in 1798.

On Saturday the public could visit a real 1798 Living History Military Camp set up by the blue-clad French,the red-coats British and Irish Rebel Pikemen in the actual site of their respective camps in 1798.

On Sunday the battle re-enactment took place and the public saw hundreds of authentically uniformed and armed re-enactors from France, Ireland, England, Northern Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and Germany and heard the sounds of a real Napoleonic battle.

The same sequence of events was repeated in June 2014 and the photos are available below. We hope that this will become an annual event and is one to keep an eye out for the coming years.