Castlehill in Ballycroy in Co. Mayo

Castlehill - which means hill of the castle, which was built there at one time but no long remains. It contains 1,189 acres of land and house holders then were James Loftus, Peter Corrigan, Andrew Cafferkey, James Gallagher, Michael Gallagher, Ann Brogan, Anthony Cafferkey, Francis Cafferkey, John Gallagher, Michael Corrigan, Margaret Joyce, Patrick Cafferkey, James Cafferkey, William John Keane, Edward Caldy, James Fallon, Peter Bradley, John Corrigan and the Irish Church Mission Society, which was the highest valued place and had the church and schoolhouse there.

The chief landlord was George Clive. Most of the Protestant community are buried in the graveyard beside the now roofless but still fine church.

There are the remains of wedge-shaped gallery graves at Castlehill and also a circular stone monument approximately 23 yards in diameter beside where the old castle was built in later times. Beside the remains of this circle is a pillar stone, about 6' in height with crosses cut in both the East and West faces.

The Garda Siochana have had the lease of building here from the Conway family since the 1920's until the new barracks was erected at Crosshill in 1986.