Inisbiggle, Ballycroy in Co. Mayo

Inisbiggle, known as Biggle's Island, called after a person of that name, contains 637 acres or almost a square mile - most of which was bought by the Achill Mission.

During Griffith's valuation the families living there then were Patrick Nevin, Andrew Cafferkey, John Sweeney, John McManamon, Patrick O'Malley, Anthony Cafferkey (boatman), James Molloy, Michael Reaf, James Henery, Timothy O'Malley, Martin O'Malley, Bridget Fallon, Anthony Cafferkey (Carman), George Landrum, Sibby Fallon, Michael O'Malley, Michael Cooney, Michael Campbell.

Prior to 1837 it was sparsely populated but, as is obvious from the above list of names, many were there from the mainland in the years during and after the Famine when rents were excessively high.

There was a schoolhouse, plus teacher's house then; the first teacher of the Catholic community being Nora O'Malley, but there were other teachers previous to her.

Around 1914 Fr. Thomas O'Hora converted, with local help, an old house in a school which was approved by the Board of Education and used up until 1950 when it was replaced by a new structure.

written by Martin Costello, NT