Kildunv, Ballycroy in Co. Mayo

Kildun, situated in the Southern end of the parish, it probably derives its name from Cill Don - which means 'Brown Church', or instead perhaps 'Church of Don'.

It contains 308 acres and during the Griffith valuation there was but one house there, namely that of Bridget Cafferkey, but much of the land was owned by John Corrigan, who resided in Drumgallagh.

There are the remains of a Christian settlement in this village or quite possibly it was a pagan site being adapted as a place of Christian worship.

There is a mound 15m. by 10m. one metre high, having two pillars, one with an inscribed cross in a circle and having two heaps of stones about 40 yards to the West.

There is a slanting stone with its face divided into diamond-shaped figures by intersecting lines.

written by Martin Costello, NT