Logduff, Ballycroy in Co. Mayo

Logduff - means a black pool likely to be found in the adjacent Owen River. It comprised Logduff Beg and Mor having a total acreage of 1,447. During the valuation there were two houses in Logduff Mor, namely that of Michael Conway and James Sweeney, while the only occupied house in Logduff Beag was a venue barracks which has now a fishing lodge. The major landowners here were H. Grant and William Walks. The fishing lodge is now owned by the Leydon families.

Owenduff - which in English means black River - same name as adjoining River. The landlord here was George Clive and the only house occupier was a Bartley Doran. It contained 2,138 acres, including water.

Owenglas - which means green/grey River, contained 1,306 acres and one house namely that Martin Monaghan. The landlord was a representative of Alick Richey.

written by Martin Costello, NT