French Hill, Ballyheane-Errew in Co. Mayo

In 1798 General Humbert arrived in Ireland from France with a 1000 soldiers and a good supply of arms. He landed at Killala Bay.

He got very little support from the local people and marched southwards to Castlebar where he met the English army under the command of General Lake.

The English soldiers threw down their weapons and fled. The incident became known as the "Races of Castlebar" during the Races of Castlebar three French soldiers pursued three fleeing English men in the direction of Belcarra.

The fleeing English soldiers decided to take cover under a bridge close to Belcarra. Unaware that their enemies were underneath, the French soldiers crossed the bridge, the English jumped up and shot dead five of the French soldiers.

In 1816 a monument was erected in honor of these soldiers. The inscription on the monument says "In grateful remembrance of the gallant French soldiers who died fighting for the freedom of Ireland on the 26th August 1798. They shall be remembered for ever may they rest in peace" Erected in 1876.