Local Wells, Ballyheane-Errew in Co. Mayo

Wells in Ireland

Ever since the dawn of time wells have been used for practical and religious purposes. In Celtic times water was a sign of spiritual life, because of this the Druids held various ceremonies deemed special by the Druids.

After the time of St Patrick these wells were given Saints names and Christian ceremonies were held there, to keep tradition alive. Every parish has, a least one holy well, which was a center of pilgrimage at one time or another.

The day of the pilgrimage was called "The Pattern Day" some of this festivals became so riotous, that the Clergy had to ban them.

McDonagh's Well

This well is situated in a damp field near Joe Thomas's house. Joe Thomas was one of the co-workers on this project.

The well is surrounded by a low wall built of stone. The water of the well is clear and never rises above the flag stone in the base of the well. It goes down slightly in Summer.

It looks like a Baptismal well because of number of small stone steps leading down flag stone at the base of the well. There is also a small tunnel leading from the stone, it is at least three feet long.

When a water Diviner came along he divined about the area and he felt pressure on his hand and he said there was a clear spring eleven feet down. This was true.

He also said that McDonagh's well was the epicenter of an underground stream, which surfaced at McDonagh's well.

Bourke's well

Is situated not far from McDonagh's well in a field like a quagmire. It is near a bog.

The well is practically hidden by a dense undergrowth of blackthorn trees. There are old stone steps leading down to the water. As it is across from the bog the people who were working there might not have had to bring any water as they just had to pop to the well and get the water.

It is very deep, so deep that it has to be covered by heavy stone slabs to protect people from falling in.

Boney's well

Boney's well is situated in a field behind Mellets house it is called Boney's well, because Brother Boneventure discovered it.

A reliable source of information told me that Brother Boneventure was passing by the place where the well is situated looking for water for the Altar.

At that time there was no well there, but as Brother Boneventure passed by the place the well is now situated, the well is said to have sprung open.

Brother Boneventure went to America to raise funds for the Monastery.