Townlands, Ballyheane-Errew in Co. Mayo

Ballyheane is in the Parish of Castlebar it contains 7,674a 3r. and 27p., statue measure, including 1r. 2p. of water. The soil is good but very stony and it is considerably interspersed with bog and bound on all sides with lakes and loughs.

Townlands of Ballyheane and their meaning

  • AGHADRINAGH the field of the black-thorns

  • CREERAGH a shrubby moor full of hollows

  • CLOONSUNNA lawn or meadow of the foxes

  • DERRYGARVE rough oak - wood

  • MAGHERANAGAY plain of the geese

  • CORNAVEAGH The round hill or hollow of the ravens

  • CLOONAGHMORE great lawn or meadow

  • RINGARRAUN point of the horse

  • ERREW arable land

  • KINTURK head or hill of the hogs

  • LISANAPONRA fort of the beans

  • BUNCAM crooked end or base

  • CREGGANBELL rocky ground

  • DERRYCOOSH ----------

  • WEST LAND ----------

  • KILLADEER wood in the country

  • CLOONSHINNAGH lawn or meadow of the foxes

  • MAGHERAFADDA long plain

  • LISNACURLEY the ford of the long hill

  • PARKBOY yellow park

  • CLOONFERT the lawn or meadow of the grave

  • FRENCH HILL the hill of the ridge


  • BUNCAM LOUGH to the east (53 acres)

  • KILLADEER LAKE to the west

  • SALEEN LOUGH Minister's Lough after Minister Lindsey

  • COOLEY LOUGH to the south

  • DERRYWOAGHRAN LOUGH north of Killadeer

  • CLOONDEASY LOUGH situated north of Ballyheane

  • DRIMEEN LOUGH it is 151 feet above sea level and is nearly surrounded by bog


  • KNOCKBRACK speckled hill in Magherafadda

  • HOLLY HILL in the townland of Cloonsunna

  • MOUNT EASY in Cloondeash 192ft above sea level

  • FRENCH HILL a hill in the townland of Cornamarrow


  • BALLYHEANE in the townland of Coonaghmore

  • KILBOYNE in the townland of Creggan - once the residence of Sir Samuel O'Malley


  • BALLYHEANE BRIDGE on the north side and in the townland of Cooley

  • LIGHTFORD BRIDGE (Athan an Soluis, the little ford of the light) where the will'o'the wisp is seen? And is on the boundary of Ballyheane and Breaffy was on the Mail coach road from Ballyheane to Dublin