Erris, Best Place to Go Wild in Co. Mayo

Erris has won The Irish Time Best Place to Go Wild in Ireland 2014 competition and was chosen for its balance of nature, wilderness, beauty, activities and accessibility.

Erris (from the Irish Iar Ros, meaning "western promontory") is a remote area in County Mayo that stretches from the Ballycroy National Park to the Mullet Peninsula. It is covered with blanket bog for its two thirds and has white sandy beaches, wind-swept coasts and stunning cliffs.

Erris is a real heaven for surfers, walkers and all enthusiasts for sea-sports. On the other hand families will find ideal beaches where children can play safely and have a swim in the clear and crystal water or have fantastic boat trips and maritime adventures.

Erris has a very tight community's spirit, people support each other and support the place as well. They are proud to showcase their amenities to visitors and warmly wave hello, often they have time to have a quick speech with you.

Erris is a hidden gem, where you can experience the real wild nature, spot dolphins and puffins, peregrine falcons and whales, but also you can come to Erris for music and song and, perhaps, be tempted by a nice 'crack' in the many cosy pubs and restaurants.

So let's go wild to Erris this year!