Castlebar Placenames in Co. Mayo

Village/Townland Map Reference Irish Translation Meaning
Parishof Aglish M145 903 Eaglais Church
Castlebar M145 903 Caisleáina Bharraigh Barry'sCastle
Ardvarney M148 955 ÁrdBhearna TheHigh Gap
Annalecka M 156 918 Athna Leice Ford of the Flagstone
Aughnalusha M166 915 AchadhLoisce Field of the Burning
Ballinavilla M 168 932 Bailean Bhille Town of the Old Tree
Ballynew M169 925 BaileNua NewTown
Ballyneggin M175 926 BaileNeggin Negin'sTown
Ballynacorriga M159 929 Bailena Carraige Town of the Rock
Ballinabull M126 888 Bailena bPoll Town of the Holes
Ballinacorriga M 158 929 Baile na Carraige Town of the Stones
Ballymacragh M120 882 BaileMac Craith McGrath's Town
Burran M 127 997 Bóirín RockyGround
Cappagh M 156 936 Ceapach lot ofLand laid out for Tillage
Carrauaultore M 179 928 Ceathrú an Altóir Quarter of theAltar
Lios an Altóir - Lios an Altóir Fort of the Altar
Carroncurry M 148 916 Ceathrú anChurraigh Quarter of the Moor or Marsh
Carrowbrionog M128 918 CeathrúBrionog Brannock's Quarter
Tullycommons M123915 - Commons of Tully
Cloonagh M141 886 Cluaineach Meadow Land or Bog Island
Cloonkeen M104 867 CluainCaoin Beautiful Meadow or Lawn
Curradrish M159 920 Cora'Dris Round Hill of the Brambles
Curragh M148 896 Currach A Moon
Derrynadiva M125 955 Doirena Duibhe Oak Wood of the of the Black Cow
Drumask M155 918 Druman Easca Ridge of the Quagmire
Drumnacartha M125 906 Druiman Cearta Ridge of the Forge
Drimshinnagh M 120 896 DruimSionnach Ridge of the Fox
Knockawillaun M120 896 Cnoca' Muillin Hill of the Mill
Drimneen M152 876 Druimnín SmallRidge
Derrylea M115 874 DoireLiath GreyOak Wood
Garryduff M145 905 AnGarraidh Dubh Blackgarden or Cultivated Field
Knockthomas M152 913 CnocThomáis Thomas's Hill
Knockaphunta M138 892 Cnocan Phúnta Hill of the Pound
Knockcroghery M138 907 Cnocan Chrócaire Hill of the Hangman
Leanavea M112 982 Leinena Bfiadh Meadow of the Deer
Liscromwell M176 917 LiosCromghaill Cromwell's Fort
Lissnageeha(Antigua) M156 885 Liosna Gaoithe Fort of the Wind
Lisnakirka M158 882 Liosna cearca Fort of the Hen
Loughrusheen M126 940 LochRuisín Lake of the Little Point or Wood
Lugnavadthogue M129 904 Lagna bhFeadóg Hollow of the Plovers
Rathbawn M142 915 RathBán White Fort
Sarnaught M143 944 SárNacht Naked or Exposed Lawn
Saleen M148 893 Sáilín A Little Heel
Struaun M120 893 Struán A Stream let
Tawnylagheen M170 946 Tamhnachan Leathín Field of the Grey Man
Tully M120 900 Tullach A Hill
Springfield M155 909 - Named after Spring Well in Town
Moneen M153 909 MoinínBradach A Little Bog of the Thieves
Derrywash M123 864 Doirechuais Oak Wood of the Cave or Cavern
HorsePark M134 893 Páircna g-capall Park of the Horses.
Drumconlan M166 900 DrumConlan Conlan's Ridge or Long Hill
Pidgeon Park M152 906 - Park in Northern Part of Town
Gurteendrunnagh M153 903 Goirtín Drunach Little Field of the Strife
Pullnagulm M138 892 Pollna g-Colum Hole of the Pidgeons
Creaghdhu M135 894 Criach Dubh Black Shrubbery
Derreen M148 883 Doirín Little oak wood
Tawnyculawee M134 925 Tamhna Cúla Bhuí field of the Yellow Back
Knocknaskay M138 892 Cnocna Sceathach Town of the Brambles or Thorns
Mount Gordon M135 893 - Hill or Mount of Gordon
Derreenagrow M118 88 Doirena Gcnó Oakwood of the Nuts
Snugborough M134912 - Uncertain
Blackfort M137900 Lios Dubh Black Fort or Lios
StabHall M148 910 - 'StabThem All' (1798)
Gallows Hill M146 908 Cnocan Chrócaire Hill of the Hangman
SionHill (Sheeaun) M147 920 Sídheán Fairy Hill or Mount
Coarse Park M136 919 Gort Gharbh Roughfield
DerreenMaunus M138 934 DoirínMághnuis Manus'sOak Wood
Knocknaskibole M144 938 Cnoca Sciobóil Hill of the Barn
Loch Lannagh M110 885 Loch Lannagh Lake of the marsh
Saleen Lough M148 893 Sailín A Rittle heel
LochMallard M120 995 Loch Malard Lake of the High Bank or Brow
Bowirrus M168 921 Both Mhuire Mary's Booth or Tent
Slane M168921 Slán A Safe or Sound
Derry Rovar M158 947 Doire Ramhar Thick Oak Wood
L.Nasplenagh M160 946 Lochna Splíneach Lake of the Ill Thriving Animals
ClydaghRiver/Bridge M173 944 Claideach MuddyStony River
Tovnoughmore M142 924 TamhnaMór Greatfield
Slievenagark Lake M147 922 Sliabhna Gó Cearc Mountain of the Hens
Lisnamaunshagh M142 911 Liosna Meainseach Fort of the Plains
Knockavillin M145 905 Cnoca Mhuillinn Hill of the Mill
Burn Hill M133 940 Cnoc Dóite Burnt Hill
Knockalougha M123 910 Cnoca Locha Hill of the Lake
Crochanhill M146 908 Cnocan Chrócaire Gallows Hill
Knockmoyle M143 944 CnocMaol Bald or Flat Hill
TollynaGollupagh - Tulaighna gColpach Hill of the Collops
LoughLea M137 899 LochLiath Grey Lough or Lake
Burranmore M127 997 BoirínMór Great Burren or Rocky Ground
Knockavarra M126 916 Cnoca' Bharraigh Barry's Hill
Killnageer M126 916 Coillna g-Caor Wood of the Berries
Lissnaltor M173 922 Liosan Altóir Fort of the Altar
ToberTran M168 921 Tobarna Tran or Truagan Well of the Stations


Ordnance Survey Field Names Books 1838

Parish of Aglish Parts 1, 2 & 3.