Charlestown - Schools

Charlestown, County Mayo in the West of Ireland

Photos on this page kindly supplied by © Cathal Henry

charlestown boys national school 1910

Charlestown Boys National School 1910

Top row: Pat Mulligan, Fr O'Connor, Jim Mulrooney, J Frain
2: John Stenson, J P Walsh, M Webb, C Gallagher, ? Gallagher, MartinCampbell,
John Whittington, W Doherty, J E O'Doherty, NT
3: Pat Cassidy, Tom McDonnell, Luke Mulligan, ? McEoin, Jim Mulrooney,
Pat Doherty, Johnny Campbell, Charlie Dunleavy
4: Willie Moffat, Jim Morrisroe, Tom Kelly, Fr Stenson, F O'Doherty,
C Cassidy, ? Walsh, Hubert O'Connor, ? Egan

charlestown boys national school 1950

Charlestown Boys National School 1950 / 51

Back row L to R: S Blake, J Brennan, P Henry, J Walsh, J McLoughlin, V Owens, J McIntyre, J Gallagher, K Barry
Middle row L to R: J Donoghue, T McGowan, T Henry, C Henry, M Horkan, C Casey, B Doherty, S Foley, J Horgan
Front row L to R: Des McIntyre, S Marren, N Cassidy, T Rogers, V Maloney, J Casey, F Henry, S Walsh and J McCormack