Fishing in Claremorris in Co. Mayo

There is ample choice of locations for coarse fishing in and around the Claremorris area. On a wider scale Mayo is a fisherman's paradise and Claremorris is no exception.

There are full rivers and lakes situated in some of the most breathtakingly beautiful locations and offer fishermen some of the best fishing in the world.

In Ireland there is no closed season for course fishing, all fishing is free and no licence is needed. There is, however a limit of two dead fish per person which may be taken from the water.

The River Robe

This river rises in Brickens and travels almost parallel to the road to Hollymount but criss-crosses it at several points. Probably best known for it's brown trout, it also has pike, perch and eel.

Crossboyne is a very good location for trout but all along the river from Claremorris to Ballinrobe there are many excellent locations for fishing on the banks of the River Robe.

The Pollagh River

On the way from Claremorris to Kiltimagh just after Murneen railway bridge, this river crosses the road. A good location for brown trout it also has perch and eel and also pike which can be best fished on the right bank of the river as you go from Claremorris to Kiltimagh.

Lough Nanannagh

Located on the Knock road, this lake is easily accessible as you can drive to the side of the lake. It contains pike, eel and perch.

Drumady Lake

Also containing pike, perch and eel, this lake is on the right hand side of the Claremorris to Mayo Abbey road and access is over one field.

Mayfield Lake

This lake can be reached from Lower James Street or from the railway station giving the lake its other name The Station Lake. It has bream, pike, perch and eel.

Clare Lake

On the Ballinrobe road out of town, this lake is situated in a wild life haven and is a beautiful location for fishing for bream, pike and perch.

Lough Carra

Famous for it's trout fishing, this limestone lake lies 10 miles from Claremorris. The beauty of this area is spectacular and the clarity of the water makes this an ideal fishing location.