Clare Lake - McMahon Park, Claremorris in Co. Mayo

Clare Lake / McMahon Park is a 9-acre park and a major amenity for the town and area.

Mc Mahon Park: the what, the where, the how, and the why

  • McMahon Park on South side of Claremorris

  • A tranquil place for a nature walk, with or without the kids

  • Fresh air, peace and quiet

  • On land gifted by (Tom) Mahon family, Brookhill

  • Work started 1989, more access land from Boyle and McHugh families

  • Lot of hard work done by the committee over 21 years

  • Government, Mayo Co Council and local community help utilised and appreciated

  • Next development stage now upon us. Great plans!

Take a stroll in the Park

As you amble slowly along the noise-free path you experience the sweet scent of rhododendrons or lilac and become conscious of the soothing sound of gurgling water in a little brook.

The vibrant colours of nature will grab your attention. Children can play 'hide-and-seek' in the woods as you admire the dapple effect of sun and tree shadows on the ground.

Turn a corner and the ducks will welcome you with open beak and flapping wings. Relax on the rustic seating while you experience the silence and admire the tranquil lake-water lapping on the shore.

Children should enjoy feeding the ducks, having played "their fill" in the playground by the entrance gate.

With a little luck, you should spot several species of wild birds and animals. Continue the loop walk across two bridges back to the start. Educational signage or a bit of coarse fishing from any of the six jetties can enhance your stroll.

Chill out! Enjoy!

The Future

We now look forward to further development here to make Claremorris an even nicer place to live. In order to do this we need funds. So far we have been successful in reducing the total bill very considerably, but sources for public funding are drying and there is ongoing maintenance as well as development costs.