Events in History, Crossmolina in Co. Mayo


The abbey of Crossmolina was founded about this time also (probably by a member of the De Barry family who owned some land about this place) but almost nothing remains of this foundation today. In 1306 three Normans were indicted for robbing the abbot, an incident which must have undermined the clergy's confidence in Norman protection. During the fifteenth century, Crossmolina passed into Bourke hands but in 1526 O'Donnell of Tirconnell (present day Co. Donegal) marched into Tirawley and demolished Crossmolina castle.

The abbey was dissolved in the 1530s although it may not have been in use at the time. Sometime in the 1630s the abbey and its lands came into the possession of Sir Richard Blake. The closing of the monasteries came as a great blow to the ordinary people.

To many, the monasteries were more than places of worship they provided hospitality and served as centres of culture and education as well. With their destruction the people lost important community centres and this loss may have strengthened many in their resolve to abide by the faith of their fathers and reject the doctrines of the alien reformed church.

Source: "A Guide to History and Antiquities West of Killala Bay" Author: J Lynott 1980

Chronology of Historical Events Relating To Crossmolina.

  • 6000 BC First settlers arrive in Ireland

  • 1000 BC Crannog Builders arrive.

  • 600 BC Arrival of the Celts, who brought a new language and the use of iron.

  • 400 BC The flowering of the Celtic Social Structure and the division of land by family - the Hy-Fiachra became controllers of the plain of Catree and Glen Nephin. The names of the two chiefs were O'Maolina and O'Gavechan.

  • 441 A.D St. Patrick arrived in Mayo. Errew Friary founded in the 7th century according to tradition by St. Tiernan. The monastery was originally called Mainishir Taobh Thiar do Shruth.

  • 1152 A.D Synod of Kells. Delineation of Killala diocese sanctioned.

  • 1300 A.D Saint Mary's Abbey built by the Barrett's as a priory dependant on Ballybeg near Buttevant, Co. Cork.

  • 1306 A.D Three Normans, John, son of William of Ratheogan, Walter de Usser, and Walter de Cogan, were indicted for robbing the Abbot of Crossmolina.

  • 1368 A.D Enniscoe was in the possession of the Burke's, before this it was owned by the Barrett's.

  • 1588 A.D Defeat of the Spanish Armada. In 1526 O'Donnell of Tir Connell demolished Crossmolina Castle. The Abbey was dissolved in the 1530's.

  • 1631 A.D In the 1630's Crossmolina Abbey and it's lands came into the possession of Sir Richard Blake.

  • 1653 A.D Cromwells soldiers plundered Mayo.

  • 1693 - 46 The Penal Laws enacted.

  • 1795 Ulster Migration to Mayo. 4,000 Catholics flee to Mayo after the "Battle of the Diamond".Many of them settled in the Crossmolina area.

  • 1798 The United Ireland Rising. 1800 Act of Union passed.

  • 1806 A new Catholic Church costing 200 built, (now part of the Parochial Hall).

  • 1810/17 Famine.

  • 1822 Famine.

  • 1828 The Mayo Telegraph launched on 17th March

  • 1829 Catholic Emancipation.

  • 1830 General Crop Failure in Mayo.

  • 1831 The Crossmolina Relief Committee appears to have been formed in March 1831.

  • 1839 The night of the big wind

  • 1845/'49 The Great Famine.

  • 1860 St. Tieman's Church built.

  • 1869 Protestant Church disestablished in Ireland.

  • 1878 The Mayo Telegraph purchased by James Daly of Boughadoon and its name changed to the Connaught Telegraph.

  • 1879 Mayo League founded on October 21st. Apparition at Knock on August 21st.

  • 1879 Mayo League founded on October 21st. Apparition at Knock on August 21st.

  • 1882 The Western People founded.

  • 1880-'84 The Crossmolina Conspiracy.

  • 1884 The G.A.A. founded.

  • 1887 The Crossmolina Branch of the G.A.A. was founded and was known as Crossmolina Dr. Cooke's.

  • 1891 Congested Districts Board established.

  • 1892 Crossmolina Church repaired at a cost of 1,100. New altar 200. First Mass celebrated on the new altar by Most Rev. Dr.Conmy on Christmas Day.

  • 1893 The Bridge at Crossmolina was erected at a cost of 3,500.It was opened for traffic on November 2nd.

  • 1895 Boys School built. Sappers or Royal English came to Crossmolina at the begininning of September. The majority of them left in January for Batlycastle

  • 1898 Local Government second act.Mayo County Council established.

  • 1907 Crossmolina Church new bell rang for the first time for devotions on St. Patrick's Day.

  • 1912 Convent of Jesus and Mary opened in Errew. Home Rule Crisis 1912-1914.

  • 1913 Crossmolina Town Hall opened on Sunday April 11th.

  • 1916 Easter Rising

  • 1920 Miss Mollie Canavan opened Errew Hotel on Friday 21st May.

  • 1930 Electric light introduced into Crossmolina in August.

  • 1936 Mayo won All Ireland Senior Football title.

  • 1950/'51 Mayo won All Ireland Senior Football title.

  • 1957 Crossmolina Vocational School opened.

Acknowledgement: Crossmolina Historical and Archaeological Society