Women of the North West, Moygownagh in Co. Mayo

Women of the North West is a non-governmental organisation located in North Mayo. The organisation operates from the rural setting of Moygownagh Community Centre. The company is limited by guarantee and the directors are members of women’s organisations who are active in the region.

It seeks to provide economic and social development for women and men. Community employment, social policy research, analysis, lobbying and continuing education are the strategies utilised to realise this aim.

Core-funding from the national exchequer through the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs finances on-going organisational costs.


  • To act as a developmental structure for the betterment of rural women.

  • To seek ways and means of promoting social and economic development for rural women.

  • To build confidence and cultivate political awareness amongst women.

  • To contribute to the personal development of individual members.

  • To claim a space at community level, to provide a focus for and a valuing of the work and needs of the members.

  • To assist in the creation of a learning environment.

  • To provide mechanisms and training to encourage and empower women to participate in decision-making processes.

Key Achievements

  • Sports Leadership for Women 1986/90.

  • Planning and developing local community action.

  • Social History course and publication 1989/90.

  • Participation at Beijing Women’s Conference 1995.

  • Valuing Women’s Work - research publication detailing the work of local women 1995/96.

  • Leadership training for women at Moygownagh 1996/98.

  • An Enterprise and Tourism course for women at Geesala, Glenamoy and Bofield 1997/98.

  • Euro awareness training at local level.

  • Linking West Sligo groups with Cross-Border development.

  • The delivery of an Equal Opportunities Programme 1997 - 1999.

  • Successful development of an Information Technology N.O.W. Programme 1997/98/99.

  • Design and testing of accessible Leonardo IT Training at Community level.

  • Participation in documentary linking Ireland with Tanzania in community action.

  • Active participation in transnational activities.

  • Mentoring and support of individual women into employment.

  • Active participation in the Women’s Health consultation process.

  • Successful working partnership with local community, FÁS and Teagasc.

  • Active networking and connecting with women’s organisations in the region.


Women of the North West Ltd

Moygownagh Community Centre, Ballina, Co Mayo.

Phone/Fax : +353 96 31900

E-mail: info@womenofthenorthwest.net