Poetry Corner - Holy Family National School


O, grateful swallows,

How l love to see you

dart through the air.

Now l know

Long days

And summer, will

Soon be here.


First month of Summer

Fifth month of year

Long hours of Daylight

Lots of time for play

First Communion

Angling Competitions

F.B.D. Ras

Football matches

School tour

Cuckoo call

Cotton Clothes

Canvas Shoes

End of School year

Birds song and flies everywhere.


D-Daffodils pretty daffodils

A-Are blooming

F-For March is here

F-Frolicking frolicking

O-Oh,its that time of year

D-Deep yellow heads

I-In never ending lines

L-Long may they stay

S-Swaying in their lines


The cuckoo is a fine bird.

She sings as she flies.

And as she sings cuckoo bluer goes the sky.

The cuckoo comes in April.

She sings her song in May.

In Leafy June she changes her tune.

In July she is ready to fly.

In August go she must.

I am sad when the cuckoos call is heard no more.


Vikings lived in Crannógs

made out of sticks leaves and mud.

Vikings were good sailors

and they made their ships out of wood.

Vikings came to Ireland across the sea,

Vikings came to Ireland around 6000B.C.

Vikings are strong,

Vikings are rough,

Vikings are dirty,

Vikings are tough.


Bhí éinín beag buí ag eitilt sa spéir,

Ag súgradh go sásta

lena chairde go leir.

Go tobann sea

chuala sé fothram mór thuas,

Is chonaic sé éan mór

ag eitilt anuas.

Anuas leis an éan mór

le fothram is fuaim

Is d'imigh an t-éan beag

i bhfolach go ciúin.

Ní baol duit a éinín,

a éinín a chroí,

Is héileacaptar mór

a tá ag eitilt na slí.


I love the sound of the sea,

The way the sea crashies against the rocks.

When the wind blows the sea makes a washing noise,

In winter it makes crashes like a tree falling.


Our classroom is sort of small,

With red carpet and orange walls.

We've got two toilets with two sinks,

And golly gosh the boys one stinks.

Our windows look out on the pitches,

Where wwe see wet grass and ditches.

We've got a library with lots of books,

But to find a good one you've got to look.

Our blackboard makes this awful screech,

And teachers desk looks like ripened peach.

Oh there's the bell ringing loud,

I must go to join the crowd.

I love my classroom, I'll let you know,

And now, I really have to go........