Traces of Saint Patrick in Crossmolina, History of Co. Mayo

In the little townland of Truiste, near Crossmolina, St Patrick, travelling along the ancient road from Croagh Patrick to Tirawley, had a rest. Here he drank from a well and blessed it.

Tradition mentions a church as well. The well, which was earlier associated with Lughnasad, was associated with baptism and healing such as the restoration of lost eyesight.

On the left of St Patrick’s Well there is another well: St Bridget’s Well.

Also, in the past the station at these wells was supposed to bring about reconciliation in families. How to perform the Station:

  • Kneeling at St. Patrick’s Well, recite seven Our Fathers and seven Hail Mary’s

  • Walk around the well seven times reciting one Our Father and one Hail Mary each time

  • Walk to the rock and, kneeling, say seven Our Father’s and seven Hail Mary’s.

  • Move to the altar on your knees; here say fifteen Our Fathers, fifteen Hail Mary’s and the Creed

  • Move now to St. Patrick’s Well for a second time, still on your knees as you go.

  • Kneeling at the Well, say seven Our Fathers and seven Hail Mary’s.

  • Walk to St. Bridget’s Well, and kneeling say seven Our Fathers and seven Hail Mary’s

This ended the traditional station and Mass was celebrated.