Elmhall, Belcarra in Co. Mayo

Close to the village of Belcarra is Elmhall. The castle of Lord Tyrawley, now a mere ruin, once owned by the Cuffes of Deel Castle near Crossmolina, is close to here.

Elmhall graveyard is adjacent to Belcarra village and contains the remains of a very ancient church at one end and at the other, the remains of a Protestant church.

Under what was once the sanctuary stands a vault that was the burial place of the Cuffes, one of whom was Lord Tyrawley, who is buried at Ballinrobe where the family also had property.

This cemetery was what was known as "a mixed graveyard", with both Catholics and Protestants being buried here. This caused controversy in the 19th century with the church authorities. There are stories told of Protestant burials taking place at nightime to avoid trouble.

A 19th century eviction cottage at Elmhall, once the home of the Walshe family, who were evicted by the landlord's agents Gardiner and Pringle, has been restored as a heritage centre.