Belcarra in Co. Mayo

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Belcarra (Gaelic Baile na Cora) is a small village in central Mayo with a population of approx 150 people, 8km from Castlebar.

The local RC church is St Ann’s Church, Belcarra, a fine cut-stone building, in the half-parish of Balla, where the parish priest resides.

Tidy Towns Winner

The attractive village of Belcarra has won the county award in the National Tidy Towns competition on many occasions, and a Regional award once in the same competition.

The Manulla river, a tributary of the river Moy runs through Belcarra, and there are two village enhancement areas adjacent to the river, known as the 'Common' and the 'Fishery Area'. There is also a 3km 'Riverside Loop Walk' with two pedestrian bridges en route, which has been developed by the local community in co-operation with local farmers.

Belcarra Heritage Centre

Belcarra Heritage Centre, under the auspices of the Museums of Mayo, is a beautifully restored cottage, formerly the scene of a 19th century eviction.

Nine members of the Walsh family were mercilessly evicted from this cottage by the landlord’s agents, the infamous Gardiner and Pringle.

The family were left poverty-stricken and homeless, but neighbourly spirit triumphed and a small house was built by the community to accommodate them.

Commercial Enterprises

The area is steeped in history and archaeology - an Archaeological survey of the area was carried out in 1988, which identified 186 archaeological sites including souterrains, fulachta fiadh, crannogs, ringforts, burial mounds, churches, childrens burial grounds, castles and standing stones. Stone-age and bronze-age artefacts recovered during the survey testify that the Belcarra area has been inhabited for over 4000 years and these artefacts are exhibited in the Community Centre.

Elmhall graveyard is of great Archaeological and historical interest. Tumulus graves have been discovered in the Carrajames area, excavated in 1934 - 36 and bronze age burial grounds were found - showing evidence of habitation as early as 2000 BC.

An ancient spring well has been restored at Roslahan and is widely used.


Cloonaugh Lake and Walshpool Lough offer plenty of opportunity for fishing in the local area.

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Voluntary Groups

The area is served by many hardworking committees including

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