Kiltimagh: Our Life & Times (Book)

Kiltimagh: Our Life & Times by Betty Solan and Peter Sobolewski

The book was published in 1987.

This History section on this site will regularly feature articles from the book over the coming months, permission for which, we are very grateful.

The book can be purchased from the following outlets:

  • The Village News, Main St, Kiltimagh, Co Mayo.

  • The Castle Bookshop, Castle St, Castlebar, Co Mayo.

  • Betty Solan, Aiden St, Kiltimagh, Co Mayo.

This interesting publication may also be purchased in the United States from

Liam Benson, Hoboken, NJ -

The cost is Euro 19 (excl. p&p)


Fr Denis O’Hara’s appointment as Parish Priest here in 1888 and the subsequent arrival of the Saint Louis sisters in 1897, led to a transformation in the lifestyle and economy of the parish which has echoes in the recent revival of our fortunes.

As the St Louis community prepare to celebrate their centenary in the parish, we salute their social, educational and spiritual contribution to the wider community and we are pleased that the publication of our history will coincide with that event.

We have deliberately chosen a newspaper format, with short articles, sketches and photographs in preference to a more conventional academic model.

Each article is authenticated, with the source, primary or secondary, quoted at the end. We hope that you, the reader will enjoy browsing through the contents, savouring the pieces or periods of greater interest.

While we have attempted to chronicle the main events of our past from the time of the Celts (around 600 BC),and, where appropriate, placing them in the national context, there are bound to be omissions in Our Life & Times.

We hope that such omissions may stimulate this or future generations to carry out further research, and in dusting away the cobwebs of centuries, add to our pride in ourselves and our history.