Kiltimagh History in Co. Mayo

Kiltimagh's past is a blend of folklore and history. According to folklore, the name derives from a Fir Bolg chieftain, Maghu, who fled the battle of Moytura and settled on Sliabh Cairn, c1000 BC.

His grave is marked by the cairn at the cliff, above Craggagh school.

Some credit, however, must go to a local landlord, George Browne, who was responsible for starting a market here at the end of the 17th century.

Initially the village was called Newtown Brown, but by the beginning of the 19th century the name had changed to Cultymagh or Kiltimagh.

Kiltimagh as it is today is the product of the hard work, initiative and imagination of Dr Denis O'Hara, Parish Priest. His first task was building a new Church and 8 national schools in the area.

Then, with the help of the St Louis Sisters, primary and technical schools were set up to provide instruction in household management, sewing, carpentry and horticulture, to foster a sense of self-sufficiency and well being.

He was responsible for the town's comprehensive circular roads, the town sewage and gas system, the Town Hall, the Cottage Hospital, 'People's Park' and Factory Field.

In 1989, IRD, was set up to encourage new business and help create employment in the local area.

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