Kiltimagh Parish Dance 1910 in Co. Mayo

One of the most brilliant social functions that took place in this part of the country for some time past came off in the Kiltimagh town school on Sunday night last.

A dance was given by the respected pastor of the parish to all the young men and women of the town and country, and full seven hundered attended.

The spacious rooms were suitably and tastefully decorated for the occasion, and the very efficient committee in charge left nothing undone to make the night's enjoyment a success.

The music was supplied by the McGlynn Brothers and Solar Brothers, famed performers in Irish dance music. Mr Joseph Sheerin, the popular stationmaster, acted as master of cermonies and great credit is due to this gentleman for the able manner in which he conducted the whole proceedings.

Dancing commenced at 6 pm and continued till the early hours of Monday morning.

The pastor of the parish made frequent visits to the rooms during the night and took great interest in it, and from time to time expressed great satisfaction how everything was carried out.

As many as 150 pairs could be seen dancing at the same time and the much esteemed pastor could be seen passing along the lines of dancing pairs, and now and again dropping a word or two from one to another adding still more to the mirth of the occasion.

He also warned some of the ladies not to be there on that night twelve months, and noticed that some of them had a tight hold of their hearts, a remark which evoked rounds of laughter.

When dancing was over the pastor delivered an eloquent address.

Mr Joseph Sheerin proposed a vote of thanks to Father O'Hara which was seconded by Mr P A McHugh, who delivered an address also, which was as follows:

“Rev Father, young ladies, and young men of the parish, this enjoyable meeting here tonight is proof that we are not downhearted: it is also proof if such is needed of the unswerving bond of good feeling that exists between the priests and people of Kiltimagh (cheers), and whatever brawls disturb the outside world no element of discord will ever arise to sever a link in the chaims of unity and loyalty that has always bound the people and priests of this parish” (cheers).

This is a report of a Parish Dance in 1910 and is an extract from Kiltimagh: Our Life & Times, reproduced by kind permission of the authors.