St Louis Community School, Kiltimagh in Co. Mayo

St. Louis Secondary School is a state owned Community School and has approximately 560 pupils and 40 teachers.

In 1897 on the invitation of the Parish Priest Fr. Denis O'Hara six Sisters of the St. Louis Order arrived from Monaghan to Kiltimagh and set up a technical school for the children of the Parish, followed by a school for young ladies.

In 1908, the school became, primarily, a boarding school for girls. The school prospered with students winning prizes on a national scale for lace-making and proficiency in the Irish language.

Gradually, throughout the century, St. Louis Convent Secondary School, Kiltimagh, became famous throughout the country for academic and cultural endeavors.

In 1973, boys enrolled in the school for the first time and the boarding school was phased out. In 1992, the Sisters moved out of the school, and into a private residence in the town.

A year later, St. Louis Secondary School amalgamated with Coláiste Rafteirí, the Vocational School, and it became known as St. Louis Community School. Although there is only one Sister still teaching in the school, the St. Louis legacy remains.