Folklore in Co. Mayo

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Here are some customs which belong to the rich folklore in co. Mayo.

Nowadays the most of them are not observed but they deserve to be remembered as part of the social and cultural life of the time. Although they are old fascinating memories of the bygone days sometimes they ring in the today’s festivals across our county

All Hallows Eve or Halloween

In the past some customs on Halloween used to be practised on Halloween in county Mayo.


The old custom on St. Martin Day in Co. Mayo


Christmas season folklore in County Mayo

St Brigid

February 1st is the feast of St Brigid and it marks the beginning of Spring.

Lent and Easter

In the Mayo’s bygone days the long Lent and Easter were rich in old customs and folklore.

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick Day is the feast day of the patron saint of Ireland.

May Day

May Day, an ancient feast celebrate in all Ireland, is alive and well in Co Mayo.

Bonfire Night

In Mayo people used to light bonfire on St. John’s Night.


The old custom on St. Michael Day in Co. Mayo.

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