A Story Told to Us Last Night, a Book from Co. Mayo

Preserving and celebrating Irish folklore is the inspiration behind a book published in Ireland, "A Story Told to Us Last Night."

The book brings together traditional stories from the past, from the 1937/38 National Folklore Collection, Schools in Ireland, with stories from the present, written by children now in school in Midfield, Swinford, County Mayo, Ireland.

This charming book features stories in original children's handwriting with photos from the past and present in Ireland. The book raises funds for a local school in Midfield, Swinford, County Mayo.

"A Story Told to Us Last Night" was created with permission from the University College Dublin, owner of the copyright for the past stories, and it is believed that this is the first time that permission has been granted to publish a selection of the stories in the children's original handwriting.

"The Irish have always been great storytellers," said Marian Newman, Midfield Development Association, publishers of this book.

"Irish folklore, stories often told around the fireplace, are a wonderful, magical tradition to keep alive and introduce to new generations, like the present day schoolchildren who wrote folk stories for the book."

"This book has universal appeal, for adults and children, in Ireland and to those of Irish heritage all over the world and anyone with an interest in folklore," she said.

Initiated by the Irish Folklore Commission, the 1937/38 National Folklore Collection, Schools which the book features was created when some 100,000 children in schools throughout Ireland were encouraged to collect and document folklore and legends, local history, riddles and proverbs, songs, customs, games and more.

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