Westport 'Cant', Westport The Tear and The Smile

The following 'Cant' list might give you an idea of the local Westport dialect you will encounter through the pages.

Extract from Chapter 3 'Westport The Tear and The Smile' by Joe McNally

Dialect Meaning
Cove/Covey A Westportite
Clem Bad - No Good
Lettie/Cassie A house or home
To Joss it Is to Die
Joss In animal terms, is a useless or no good animal
Shades or Shadeógs Gardai
Skiv A House Servant girl
Rowl A wind up / coddin'
A Layin' Hen A working wife - outside the home
Wheeze/Whid Ask - Play Up - Tell
Queered Finished - Useless
Luke/Nanty Say Nothing - Be Quiet
Crush Move
Bunce Money
Donor Girl
A Lay A Drink
Quack Doctor
Lamp Look or see while
Lamped Is to be caught
The Lid Jail
A Sham Generally referred to the Castlebar boys who came over to the local dances whiddin' the local Donors
Rum Good or Sound
Wide To understand or to be cute or wise to a thing
Cade E A Cap
Carnish Meat
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