Moonlight in Mayo, Song from Co. Mayo

It's just a year ago today I left old Erin's Isle
My heart was throbbing in the soft light of my colleen's smile
In all my dreams I seem to hear her sweet voice soft and low
I know she's waiting where we said goodbye in old Mayo

For two Irish eyes are shining
And an Irish heart is pining
Where I kissed her and caressed her
In the gloaming long ago

Loving Irish arms will press me
And true Irish love caress me
And sweet Irish lips will bless me
When it's Moonlight in Mayo

Her Irish eyes like beacons shine all in the darkest night
I know their sweet love beams will always fill the world with light
The roses on her cheeks will lend enchantment to the scene
And when shamrocks wear the dew I'll wed my sweet colleen


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