Three Pubs in Bohola, Song from Co. Mayo

I said farewell London, and I crossed the Irish Sea
I travelled down from Dublin, with the good old CIE
Through the Midlands and Roscommon, with Mayo on my mind
I dreamed of lovely Mary, the girl I left behind

There's three pubs in Bohola, as everybody knows
MacDonald's, Clarke's and Roche's, where the craic like honey flows
And lovely Mary's here with me, I never more will roam
Mayo how I love you, Bohola my dear home

Three years ago I left it, on a lonely winter's night
In the village of Bohola, the moon was shining bright
Two lonely hearts were broken, and the tears they fell like rain
Now here I am in Mayo, Bohola once again

It's a far cry from the hustle, of a busy London life
But I could never go back to all that crazy strife
Bohola hasn't changed at all, in the time I've been away
I'm back in love with Mary and I never more will stray

A pub crawl round Bohola and then I know I'm home

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