Traces of Saint Patrick in Ballintubber, History of Co. Mayo

Ballintubber takes its name from the Gaelic “Baile an Tobair” meaning the village of the well: St Patrick’s Well. The Saint, after his forty day fast on the Holy Mountain, travelling to the Barony of Tirawley (North-East Mayo), rested for a while and found his church. He was attracted by the green and luxurious site and by the well, which he blessed.

Here he baptised many thousand converts who crowded around him. At the well it is said there is a stone bearing the imprint of Patrick’s knee. On this site the famous Augustinian abbey was founded by Cathal the Red-handed O’Conor in 1216.

Not far from Ballintubber Lough Carra stands. The little Church Island, in Irish Oilean na Scrine, lies on the North-East of the lake.

Here in the 7th century St Finan founded a church. Patrick visited the island and is supposed to have banished nine goblins there.