National Heritage Week

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August 2022

The 2022 National Heritage Week will take place from Saturday 13th August to Sunday 21st August.

Full in-person events will be back, but digital projects will also be welcomed.

This year, the themes will be sustainability and biodiversity, engaging with heritage to create a more resilient world.

Mayo people proudly will make any efforts to share, enjoy and promote their sense of place and the natural and cultural heritage.

These events cater for all visitors to our County, families and children.

Also, there will be two themed days:

Wild Child Day

It will take place on Saturday 20th August. The event encourages children to look at the world around them and explore their locality and the diverse beauty of the landscape in their area.

Water Heritage Day

It will take place on Sunday, 21nd August. The event celebrates water, its history and heritage and Ireland’s connection with it. On this day, a range of water heritage events and projects will take place, including boat tours, river walks, marine biodiversity talks and children’s workshops.

List of Events:

Posted on Mon, 13 June 2022 10:05:34

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