Westport Sea Angling Festival

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June 2019

The 2019 Westport Sea Angling Festival will take place in Westport Quay from Wednesday 19th June to Sunday 23rd June.

It is a very well known event among anglers from all over Ireland, England, Scotland Wales and Holland. A day shore competition and a three days boat competition are organised every year since 1956.

Many anglers are attending the festival for over 20 – 30 years on an annual basis.

Events include: Overall, Overseas, Ladies, Junior, Teams of 4 and Teams of 2, Daily prizes and more. The clear waters of the Clew Bay, near Westport, guarantee catches of different varieties of fish ( Dogfish, Bull Huss, Thornback Ray, Blonde Ray, Tope, Ling and Conger).

Posted on Wed, 27 March 2019 10:51:35

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