Seaweed Baths in Co. Mayo

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Seaweed baths are indigenous to Ireland and very popular since Edwardian times.

They are ordinary baths, but the hot water is seawater pumped in from the unpolluted waters of the Atlantic filled with wild organic seaweed such as Fucus serratus. The wrack's minerals, trace elements, polysaccharjdes and alginates are extracted from the seaweed by a pre-steam-treatment.

The most common efficacy of the seaweed baths is in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis, but the relaxing hot water releases all the seaweed's rich oils that soothes all tiredness and tension, increases circulation and deeply moisturises the skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and hydrated. A wonderful experience that relaxes and detoxes!

In Enniscrone, a seaside village near Ballina, there are seaweed baths established in 1912, situated on the Cliff Road and they have full treatments comprising of Steam and Seaweed Baths and Sea Water Showers.

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