Footgolf in Co. Mayo

Footgolf is fast becoming one of the hottest new sports, gaining increasing popularity in recent times. It is not decisively clear where footgolf originated but countries worldwide are now collaborating on the development of the game.

It is a precision sport combining the social aspect and elegance of golf with people's passion for football. It has been described by some as 'the two greatest sports on earth combined to make the most enjoyable game you will ever play'!

Most of the rules of the game correspond with the rules of golf, as footgolf is played on golf courses, but there are many rules specific to the game itself.

The main objective of footgolf is to get a ball (circumference 68-70cm) from the teeing ground into a hole with a diameter of 53cm and depth of 40cm, in as few shots as possible.

Footgolf is emerging as one of the newest and much talked about games in County Mayo and is suitable for all ages. It is very popular for corporate events, stag & hen parties or family gatherings.

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