Wind Surfing in Co. Mayo

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The rugged coastline of Mayo as it meets the North Atlantic Ocean creates an ideal environment for windsurfing, one many watersports that has seen a surge in popularity of late in Ireland.

Thrill seekers are spoilt for choice in the Mayo area with a number of stunning locations to pit themselves against the elements including AchillWestportEaskey in Sligo and Killary harbour in Connemara.

Anyone from the age of 8 to 80 can have a go and there are a number of schools set up to help first timers on their way.

The wild weather often associated with the coast of Ireland is perfect for this high adrenaline sport, which is a cross between surfing and sailing. A board is used to travel across the waves, while the sail generates wind power.

Though the history of the sport can be traced back to 1948, it did not reach the height of its popularity until the 1980s.

While there was a decline in the 1990s it has seen a revival of late and newcomers usually find themselves coming back for more.

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