Important Dates

The Year 441

▪ Saint Patrick climbs Cruachan Aigle (now Croagh Patrick) and spends 40 days on its summit. Saint Patrick on Cruachan Aigle. (Annals of Ulster)

The Years 600-665

▪ Bishop Tireachan collects notes and records which were later included in the Tripartite Life of St Patrick. The Years 1113

▪ The Ernach of Aughagower and thirty fasting people killed by lightening on Croagh Patrick.

The Years 1247

▪ The Erenach of Aughagower is killed by O'Connor.

The Year 1248

▪ Aughagower plundered by British settlers

The Year 1351

▪ Chieftain O'Rourke taken prisoner by The McPhilbins at Dooncastle when returning home after completing his Croagh Patrick station in Aughagower

The Year 1440

▪ Pope grants 2 years indulgences to Pilgrims doing Croagh Patrick station and giving alms to be used to maintain Chapel on Croagh Patrick and the Church in Aughagower

The Year 1595

▪ The Ernach of Aughagower surrender to Richard Bingham.

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