Belleek Forest Park, Ballina in Co. Mayo

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Belleek Forest Park, situated along the banks of the river Moy, just on the outskirts of Ballina, is 200 acres of woodlands and trees with up to 6 miles of forest pathways in an area of immense peace and tranquillity. It was property of the Knox Gore family who erected also Belleek Manor.

Take a relaxing walk through Belleek Forest Park where the only sounds you will hear are the rustling of the trees, the lapping waters of the river Moy and the songs of the birds.

More than two million trees were planted by the Knox Gore family in the 19th century, mostly Oak, Beech, Ash, Sycamore, Chestnut, Lime, Willow and Yew, many of which are still growing there and can be admired.

In 1950 the Dept. of Forestry bought Belleek Forest and all woodland; in 1989 Coilte Teoranta took over the running of State Forestry and many trees were re-planted.

A stroll down Belleek Forest Park is a nice experience, along the many pathways you can discover a plethora of flowers: Bluebells, Iris, FoxglovePrimroses, Summer Snow, Wild Garlic and Cuckoo Pint, but also spot Foxes, Hares, Pine Martins, Red Squirrels, Herons, Ducks, Wagtails and Robins. Walking along the main avenue, also known as "The Heritage Trail", you will discover how our country maintained an ecological balance and understand Mayo's biodiversity is a precious treasure to preserve for the future generations.

You will be captured by an oxygenated atmosphere where your mind and body will regain a new vigour. Belleek Forest Park has several beautiful picnic areas with breathtaking views on River Moy, where you can rest and have a snack in a place of deep tranquillity and silence.

Belleek Woodland has a new wheelchair access.

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