Davitts GAA Club, Ballindine in Co. Mayo

The local football club in Ballindine is Davitts GAA Club. At the end of the Civil War (1923-1924), two football teams were formed in the parish of Kilvine - a team in Ballindine and a team in Irishtown. For a number of years these teams would have depended on local challenge matches amongst themselves, but in the early 1950s more structure was introduced and finally in 1952 the two teams amalgamated.

During the 1950s and '60s this team played under different names including 'Ballindine', 'Irishtown' and 'St Josephs'. Eventually, at a meeting in the Hall in Ballindine in 1974, it was decided to use a unified name and thus the Davitts GAA Club was formed. The first chairman of Davitts GAA Club was Joe Turner.

A tradition of strong underage teams has always been to the fore with Davitts, resulting in numerous county titles down through the years. From this underage training and experience a large number of top quality players have graduated to the Davitts Senior team on an ongoing basis.

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