Swimming and Scuba Diving in Ballycastle in Co. Mayo

Ballycastle beach, one mile from town is an unspoiled sandy beach, which is safe for swimming. Other sandy beaches which are safe for swimming are Lacken beach (15 mins) and Ross beach (20 mins). At Belderrig (15 mins), there is a natural pool (above) beside the pier, which is ideal for swimming.

For those who prefer indoor pools, there is a public swimming pool in Ballina, a swimming pool and toddlers pool in the Eagles Leisure Centre, Downhill Hotel, Ballina and 'Waterworld' in Enniscrone.

Scuba Diving

Ballycastle coastal waters are becoming ever more popular with scuba divers. Sheltered launching areas and excellent diving conditions ensure that diving can take place for nine months of the year. The entire coastline provides a range of truly spectacular dives. These, coupled with wholly unpolluted waters, excellent visibility and abundant sea life all contribute to make this area of North Mayo an attractive location for diving enthusiasts.

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