Downpatrick Head Poem in Ballycastle in Co. Mayo

Downpatrick Head (Dredagh O'Connor 1994)

It stands towering, and meets the lowering skyline

Shall I answer it's call of the ocean's deep

Where crystal waters gouge through granite rock

Weathered by time

Mother nature's proud possession

Secrets told and kept by fond farmers, locals, tourists

Enchanted by it's distant hills

Lowering them through dull brown bog

To finally reach the mighty head

A world of wonder

I walk through it's fresh green pastures

And smell it's perfumed purple heather

And as I stand inside the mighty look out tower,

I see all it bears

I gain it's knowledge the eye of the world

And as I turn around and retrace my footsteps

And travel back to reality

I see the patch-work fields

And all the dwellings spread over the valleys and mountains

I see the beauty and fantasy

That this paradise and other world holds

And as I walk by the headline I hear it's tuneful whispers

The piercing cry of life long lost

Yes indeed this piece of nature

Resembles and holds all history

All the secrets shared by passes-by

And holds all love and promises by young loves long lost

And as night falls,

I peer out the window from my room and think

Another day, another page of knowledge

Gained and closed from the eye of the world


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