Bangor Fair in Co. Mayo

When the road was constructed into Bangor, a patent was obtained for holding a fair. The first fairs were small and Cathal O'Doocey was the principal, if not the only buyer attending. He was a popular man, and so locally the fair became known as the "Aonach Chathall" and is still recognised by that name especially by people inside the 'Mullet’, where he came from.

There are thirteen fairs in the year, two being held in September, on the 8th and the 29th. In January, February, March, April and July the fairs are on the 20th.

In June, August and December, they are held on the 11th. In May on the 10th, and in October and November on the 16th.

This latter date clashed with the fair in Belmullet whenever the 15th of October and November fell on Sunday and confusion was inevitable, but after some time it was arranged that in such circumstances the official fair in Bangor would be automatically postponed to the following day.

Notwithstanding this arrangement some people would attend with their stock on the first day, and buyers returning from Belmullet fair took advantage of having two fairs on the one day, and Bangor had the distinction of having a fair on two successive days. The practice of holding a fair on the two days has now ceased as people do not attend, the first day.

Put together by the 5th & 6th class pupils of Bangor National School.

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