The Hedge School, Bangor in Co. Mayo

Before Bangor came into being there were four "hedge schools" in the neighbouring villages, one in Briska, one in Shragraddy, one in Kiltane & Shramore and one in Attavalla.

The travelling teachers were paid by the people, generally 1/- per quarter for each child, and were kept in turn by the different families.

After the people began to settle in Bangor a "hedge school" was started at "Cnocan na Sgoile" half a mile east of Bangor, and Seamus Coscair, the poet, taught there.

Jacob Ruddy Attavalla, was the last hedge schoolmaster about Bangor, and he taught in the village of Attavalla until Bangor school was built in 1856.

Put together by the 5th & 6th class pupils of Bangor National School.

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