Landslides, Bangor in Co. Mayo

The neighbourhood of Bangor is remarkable for landslides. In 1817 a great landslide occurred at Laragon. After a heavy fall of rain about five acres of bog moved down the mountainside, overturning every obstacle in its course, and carried away three houses, one of which was inhabited by a family named O'Hara.

The family and all their effects were hurled into the yawning river, and some days afterwards, the bodies were found in 'Tallaghan Bay' about twelve miles away.

Two soldiers of the 92nd Highland Regiment who had been fatigued wile still hunting during the day, remained after their comrades in O'Hara's, and they perished also.

A son of Hara's had been sent on a message to his uncles' house early in the day and as the heavy rain prevented him from returning home he escaped the fate of the rest of the family. The neighbours were very kind to him and spoke of him after as the "Last of the O'Hara's".

On the 22nd of February 1931 the famous landslide at Glencullen occurred which threatened the whole village. It destroyed the dwelling-house, seven cattle and all the possessions of Mr. Patrick Moran. Mr. Moran and his two sisters seeing the approaching mass of mountain rushed to a neighbouring hill and fortunately escaped.

Put together by the 5th & 6th class pupils of Bangor National School.

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