National School, Bangor in Co. Mayo

In April 1856, a school was built in Bangor and was situated between the chapel and Bangor bridge. It faced south and was 26 feet by 16 feet.

The furniture consisted of:

One long desk about 14 feet long, a table 8 feet long and 6 forms each 8 feet long. The hours of instruction were from 10 am to 3 pm Religious instruction lasted for one hour, from 2 pm to 3 pm It was a mixed school with an attendance of 40. The Teacher was Francis Gaughan and the manager was Rev. Dominick Madden P.P. Francis Gaughan had taught previously in Glenamoy school.

Application was made for aid in November 1856 but it was rejected by the Board of Education as there was no local grant of their fees or subscriptions as required by the rules of the Commissioners and as the teacher was obliged to pay an annual rent of £2. 5.

A second application was made on the 26th of November as the rules had then been complied with, the teacher was receiving 1 / 1 per quarter and the manager paid the rent. The Board of Education then sanctioned Francis Gaughan as from the 1st of December at a salary of £17 a year.

Francis Gaughan left the school after some years and went to America, his successors were Miss Carroll, Thomas Dixon, James Quigley and Peter Shevlin. In November 1898, an assistant was appointed to the school and in January 1922, it qualified for a second assistant.

In 1888, a new school was built by Rev. James Durcan P.P. A new class was added in May 1914, and in 1933 the school was extended to 60 feet by 20 feet. The old school vacated in 1888, was used as a lace school, until another new school was built in 1920.

It was then used as a Sinn Fein hall and was burned by the Black and Tans in October 1920 as a reprisal for the burning of the Bangor Erris RIC barrack on the 19th of August.

In 1924 the walls were knocked down, leaving a long gap in the chapel boundary wall, the old school encroached on the chapel plot, and after the breach in the wall was repaired all the debris was removed.

There is not a trace of that old school to be seen now. The school built in 1920, closed its doors in January 1989, when a new school was built opposite the church. The 1920 school is now "The Old School Lodge", self-catering accomodation, owned by Fay & Johnny Carey, Bangor.

Put together by the 5th & 6th class pupils of Bangor National School.

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