Walking, Biking & Hiking, Belderrig in Co. Mayo

Belderrig to the West

Belderrig - Porturlin hike and (boat) ride. To hike along the cliffs from Belderrig to Porturlin. Porturlin is located 7km West of Belderrig. Walking around hills and cliffs total walking distance may reach 16-20km. Depart Belderrig to the West and look to the North at every possible opportunity. Virgin cliffs, dramatic views of the Atlantic, up to the horizon to the North or down the cliffs.

The dramatic shape of Benmore, the fist to the North, allows a breathtaking view straight down the towering cliffs (650feet) to the waves. A return trip to Benmore alone can be mastered from Belderrig within a period of 2-3 hours. Rewarding views to the East, the Céide Fields and Downpatrick Head and, depending on weather, the coastline of Donegal.

The mountain Glinsk (300m) is located to the West of Benmore and is the highest between Belderrig and Porturlin. Every turn of the coast line allows new exciting views which have been enjoyed by only a few before you. You will be collected in Porturlin by boat for return to Belderrig. Alternatively you will be given a ride to Porturlin and you may hike back to Belderrig.

For the adventurous with stamina, the ongoing hiker will try the Western Route, pass Porturlin, to Portacloy and Stonefield.

The Mountain Biker will leave Belderrig to the West uphill between the mountains Tawnaghmore and Glinsk to Porturlin. The road allows the option to further view attractive Stonefield or to directly circle back to Belderrig via Glenamoy.

Belderrig to the South

Departing Belderrig to the South from Rathavisteen and climb the Benmore (1000ft), the highest along this area and the last Irish home of the Golden Eagle. Choose your own ascent route.

From the peak enjoy the surrounding views from Ballina in the South-East, to Bellacorick with the distant Nephin Beg in the South, (an attractive track leads from the top along Sheskin Lodge to the road leading to Bangor) to the mountains of Achill Island and Blacksod Bay in the South East to Stonefield and Broad Haven at West-North-West.

Belderrig to the East

Take a walk along the North-Eastern cliffs, across the bog land. Endless views to the North across the Atlantic, the coastline of Donegal in the North East and Downpatrick Head.

Along the East side of this bog land, on the side of the next bay, the two dangerous but dramatic holes in the land allowing the view down to caves which were washed from the sea side by the water.

Belderrig to the North

The Atlantic. Subject to prior arrangements you will be allowed the privilege of enjoying rare views of a most attractive coastline from a boat.

Whether to the West direction Porturlin, where long slopes of untouched land fall down to the water, many kind of birds nesting high up along inaccessible cliffs, experiencing many different rock formations, or to the East direction Céide Fields, the view of dramatic cliffs, inexplainable rock formations, small or large bays, dramatic height from the Céide Fields, unique expressions when boating around Downpatrick Head.

And while boating, take view of Gannets, the birds which dive from several hundred meters hight straight into the sea for fishing, the Seals, the Dolphins. When this is boring, take the chance with your own hand line or fishing rod. The sea is full of fish.

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